Spider trolling also called 'tight lining' is a fishing technique that's very effective and yet, easy to do.  You don't need to be a seasoned professional to fish this way.  All you need are a few fishing rods, a trolling motor, a fishing seat in the front of the boat, and a rod holder system to hold your rods securely, within easy reach.  A good sonar unit helps, but you can still spider troll without it.  To spider troll, position your rods in front of the boat and troll very slowely, from .1 to .5 mph.  Your rods should be rigged with a weight or jig heavy enough to hold your lines vertical while you troll.  You can spider troll as few or as many rods as you are comfortable with.  With the right rod holder system, up to eight rods can be used.  Some states limit the number of rods you can fish with, so please know your local laws.

Fishing in front of the boat has it's advantages.  You are fishing ahead of the boat in undisturbed water.  The fish are not spooked because they haven't seen you yet.  That's one reason spider rigging poles can be 16 or even 18 feet long.  The longer poles postition the bait further away from the boat making you harder to be seen.  Spider trolling is perfect for fishing small areas or shallow water where fish spook easily.

Driftmaster offers several options for rigging your boat to fish this way.  If you are a tournament professional or just catching dinner with the family, we have a trolling system for you.
Typical rod placement for Spider Trolling puts multiple rods within easy reach.  It's best to position rod handles 4 to 6 inches in front of your knees.  Spread your rods to cover the front and sides of the boat.

Adding an extra seat to the bow allows two people to fish from the front.  If this is not an option, rods can be postioned at the rear seat.

FT-09-H & FT-18-H

The FT-09-H and FT-18-H offer side to side adjustment but not vetical adjustment. If you want to use shorter rods, you may not need vertical rod adjustment.  These 2 and 4 rod flat bar systems will allow you to get started without paying for options you don't need.  They have a 10" stem and mount to a #200-B star base (included).  They come with Li'l Pro #210-H rod holders and hold your rods about 16" from the mounting surface.

T-09-H & T-118-H

The T-09-H and T-118-H give you side to side and vertical adjustment.  The 2 and 4 rod systems come with a 10" stem that lockes in place and mounts to a #200-B star base (included).  Our patented lock sprocket and stem design will hold the T-bar stem in one of 16 horizontal positions.  You can loosen a holding nut and disengage the lock sprocket to adjust.  These t-bars will not move if you expect harder pulls to the side.  They come with #210-H rod holders and #214-B rail clamps (included), and hold your rods about 16" from the mounting surface

T-250-H & T-250-HC

The T-250-H and T-250-HC give you side to side and vertical adjustment.  The 4 rod systems come with a 18" stem and mount to a #250-B stainless flush base (included).  These t-bars are sturdy, easy to remove and have a flush base plate that works well on bass boats.  They come with #214-B rail clamps (included), and hold your rods about 24" from the mounting surface.  The T-250-H comes with #210-H Li'l Pro rod holders, which can be used for long line trolling as well as spider trolling.

The T-250-HC comes with Gun Slinger rod holders.  the Gun Slinger rod holders are designed specificlly for spider trolling.  They have a 'v' shaped front that allows you to set the hook in the opposite direction the fish is taking it.  This can increase your hook sets, but is not good for side pulling or long line trolling.

T-275-HC  Crappie Stalker

Driftmaster was the first to develope singe pole systems for spider rigging.  When you have multiple rods on one rack, during a strike or rod adjustment, all the rods on the rack will move.  This is unavoidable if you are using a bar to hold multiple rods.  When rods move inadvertinly in an un-natural manner, it can spook fish.  For optimum effeciency as needed in tournament conditions, you want your rods to be isolated.  If you get a strike, hang up or adjust a rod, the others remain still.  Also, you know exactly which rod gets the strike as soon as it happens.  Another advantage to single pole sytems is you can mount each rod holder exactly where you want to avoid trolling motors or electronics.  The Crappie Stalker system allows total customization of your fishing platform. 

T-275-HCXX  Crappie Stalker Pro & T-275-HCXM Crappie Stalker Max

The Crappie Stalker Pro and Crappie Stalker Max have an added adjustment at the top of the rod holdler stem.  This allows adjustment of the rod angle independent of the rod holder postion.  The Crappie Stalker Pro has a 3/8" diameter stainless steel stem.  The Crappie Stalker Max has a 1/2" diameter stainless steel stem and stainless flush base for added strength and stability.

T-250-HP & T-250-HCP Crow Foot, No Drill Trolling System

The Crow Foot system is a no drill spider rig system that attaches to the seat post and requires no mounting.  The top bar is 1" stainless tubing that is formed to place your rods in the optimum postion.  The back bracket of the crow foot has a 3/4" diameter hole for your seat pin to go through.  A special bracket is available for Ranger seat pins with the release button.  The Crow foot is adjustable from 24 to 30 inches.  The T-250-HP  comes with #210-H Li'l Pro rod holders.  this is a versital option that can be used for spider trolling, or long line trolling from the front or the back of the boat.  The T-250-HCP comes with #2100-HC Gun Slinger rod holders.  This system is specifically for spider trolling.  The Gun Slinger rod holders have a 'V' shaped front and will increase your hook sets by allowing you to remove the rod from the holder and set the hook in the opposite direction the fish is moving.